About Us

The videographer who captured my own wedding day did a very professional job of it – but there just wasn’t a spark. It lacked passion, something personal. Something that I, as a videographer myself – knew I could add. That’s why I set up Spotlight Weddings. It was – and has always been for me – about making something you’d want to watch again and again.

Today we operate out of a studio based at Westmill Farm in Ware, Hertfordshire and with my equally dedicated team, we strive to lead the field in wedding video production – with both passion, and experience.

We run a blog that gives a little insight on the behind-the-scenes at Spotlight, as well as having some more video content.


Managing Director

"At Spotlight Weddings, nothing gives us greater pleasure than creating something we know you'll want to watch again and again."



“I‟ve been with Spotlight since the beginning and nothing beats the rush of seeing how happy our work makes people. When you take a pride in what you do, it reflects in your work and I like to think ours is some of the finest in its field.”



“It never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully different every wedding is. Love it!”



“When not working at a post-production house in London, i'm also one of Spotlight's videographers. People regularly compliment me on how little they've noticed me on the day – at least I think that's a compliment!”